View Full Version : Problem with pre-outs on two Pioneer Premier H/Us

09-03-2007, 04:52 PM
I am having some problems the pre-outs in my car. Here is the story.

I had a Pioneer DEH-P740MP for about 5 years. It served my need pretty well. About 2 months ago, I noticed that the right channel would cut out for a period of time (usually between 5-10 minutes) then would come back on for about for the same amount of time. Then it would cut in and out in the same pattern for my entire card ride. I tried several troubleshooting ideas (changed RCA cables, switched the cabled on the amp, double checked my speaker wiring, etc). Everything checked out fine...so I assumed the right pre-out went out on the CD player.

To fix this problem, I got a new head unit, Pioneer DEH-P690UB (I stuck the Pioneer because I liked the build ipod control (which does not work for me because I have an older ipod) and already had the XM radio box). When I first hooked it up, it worked fine. About a week after the install, the same problem appeared. I did some more troubleshooting (tried a new amp, replaced the RCA cables, checking the wiring), but I still have the problem.

Did I get a another unit that has the same problem on the exact same pre-out? Are there any other ideas that y'all have? I would appreciate any feedback.

Here is the rest of my equipment: Diamond Audio Hex 6.5 Components, elemental designs 15a.......all of this is pushed by a PG Tantrum 600.4.

On a side note, I also have a PG Tantrum 1200.1 that used to push my sub. About three months ago, that amp stopped working. The fan and the power light still come on when it is connected, but it does not produce any output....could this be related somehow?

Thanks in advance,

09-04-2007, 04:33 AM
Try swapping your speaker wires on your component amp and see if the problem switches to the other side.

Or, swap out the passives on your component to make sure those are in working order.

Or, switch your pre outs on your head unit.

It's going to be a lot of experimenting to troubleshoot this problem.

Where are your component's crossovers mounted???