View Full Version : Deh-p77mp Frmt Read Error

09-02-2007, 01:39 PM
Right just a quick question on the off-chance that someone can help me...

I've had this in the car for about a year now and its brilliant, but I had a problem last night that I've never noticed before. Now, until now I've only ever really played .wma discs in it, but yesterday I got leant a disc from a friend which was full of mp3 tracks. When I whacked it in it flashed up 'format read', as it always does when you insert a CD disc... but then nothing, no error message or anything like that, it just doesn't do anything. Now I know it should be able to play mp3 files, it says it on the front of the unit to reinforce this... so if anyone has any ideas as to why it won't play them it would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks,