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09-02-2007, 02:12 AM
Just did my Noob intro post :)

My setup currently is as folows:

1991 Toyota Celica AllTrac with System 10 (Factory Fujitsu Ten 10 speaker audio system)

1" tweets in front (factory)
4.5" fronts (factory)
8" Illusion Audio ND8's (doors)
2" tweets in rear (factory)
6.5" Illusion Audio LM6's in rear

Eclipse 5ch amp circa 1999 (forget model number)

Now my questions are:

1. How if at all, could I deaden the doors and create an enclosure to aid the Illusion ND8's in SQ since they're basically in an infinite baffle configuration as they sit in the factory enclosure? I do want to retain the stock look as my car is pretty darn rare (only about 3000 or so imported to the US between 90-93)

2. There is really a lack of frontal imaging from the factory 4.5's. I have some ported factory enclosures that I can use, but I would then have to go with 4" instead. Any recommendations? I was thinking a nice 4" mid that isn't a coax would be more what I would lean towards.

3. My factory tweets seem to have some "dead spots" in a few frequencies, mostly between 6-8k... kinda weird. But they are 16 years old and need replacing anyhow, so any recommendations for a nice crisp tweet that isn't too harsh or metallic sounding would be great.

4. Can someone explain to me what exactly a Phase Plug does for a driver? I notice them on some of the more high-end drivers, but I have never really gotten an explanation of their purpose. Is it to help direct the wave and cancel some of the wave distortion generated by the cone?

5. I need to know which way to go for a crossover setup for this system. Do I need additional outboard crossovers if I am using the Eclipse CD7000 HU? If so a detailed breakdown would be nice :)

I like volume, but I refuse to sacrifice SQ. I'm not into huge bass, I like there to be enough to really fill out the low end in the spectrum, but I'm not trying to blow out any windows ya know? ;)

So anyhow, sorry for the book. All advice is welcome.

And yes, I have searched and read for a couple weeks now on here, I just waited a bit to sign up. BTW, the active vs. passive crossover thread pwns me :D


09-02-2007, 02:48 AM
Need a budget. Are you running or plan on running a sub at all? We can give speaker recommendations all day. However, without a budget and knowing if you are going passive or active it makes it difficult.

Are your door's deadened at all right now? Did you decouple the ND8 driver's from the door?

You will need a external x-over if you run a 3-way up-front active + sub set-up. If you run the 4.5" and tweeter passive then you can use the HU for the sub and 8". You maybe able to get away with not having to run an external x-over active if your amp has built x-overs.

There are not alot of 4" or 4.5" passive drop-in comp sets on the market. So this will limit your options. If you go active it opens more options than I could list.

If you do a 3-way front + sub rear fill is up to you. I don't prefer it myself.

This is a good little article that will help you understand the phase plug.


09-02-2007, 02:50 AM
post pics of your kiar.

09-03-2007, 02:41 AM