View Full Version : 2ohm AND 4ohm same Passive Crossover

AK SloPok
08-31-2007, 04:09 PM
Hypothetically speaking, what would the effects be of wiring a 2ohm midbass in an otherwise 4ohm, passive crossover 3 way setup. Where the tweet and mid are both 4 ohm but the "sub" is 2ohm. Would the final impedance drop by 1/2 point or would the crossover point also be effected? I can't wrap my mind around this today just yet. Try it and see?

08-31-2007, 09:22 PM
The answer is; It depends on what exactly you are referring to.

There is no problem having a 2ohm midbass and 4ohm midrange and tweeter on the same passive crossover as long as the crossover was designed to operate properly with those impedances.

If the crossover was design for a 4ohm midbass, and you wired a 2ohm midbass to the crossover then the crossover point would be decreased an octave; i.e. if it was designed for a 4ohm midbass driver with a crossover point of 250hz then connecting a 2ohm midbass driver would drop the xover point to 125hz.....aswell as some other funky things occuring with the response depending on the specific design of the crossover.

As to the impedance; The amplifier would see a 4ohm load for frequencies within the midrange and tweeter passbands and a 2ohm load within the midbass passband.