View Full Version : CVA-1000 AI-NET mp3 player How To?

08-28-2007, 11:59 PM
Is there any way to get this unit to use the ai-net for any type of audio input?

Here is what I have. I have hooked up the L R and GND on the AI-Net to the mp3 player. I get sound in AM, FM & Navagation. When I have the volume on 0 or 1 on the head unit I get no sound 2-35 the volume comes on and there is no change in tone. I also only get sound out of the rear speakers. I there a hidden menu or anything on this head unit I am missing?

Also is there any jumper wires that are used on the KCA-121B it is a aux input for the ai-net. I don't want to mess around and fry my head unit by hooking up the wrong wire.