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Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums, but I've been around car and home electronics for a while. Most anything I know about car audio has been self-taught, just cause I'm a DIY type person. I've installed my own system in a few different cars I've owned over the years. I'm just learning to use fiberglass resins. I haven't wanted to pay a shop $400+ for an enclosure when the materials are less than $40...or so.

I've got an 89 RX-7 Convertible which last winter I had AIM tuning in Indy convert into a JDM T2 with an engine I imported. I did a complete conversion, with a T2 tranny, drivetrain, LSD and half shafts. Oh and the T2 hood to accomodate the OEM intercooler. I just blew the top off the radiator and was fortunate enough to find a low mile Koyo radiator from a racecar getting parted out. I've got an Eclipse 5425, Boston Pro 6.5's in the doors. Boston Pro 4" mids under the dash. A Boston Pro 2ohm 8 waiting for me to build a custom enclosure. a JL 300/2 is pushing the 6.5, an Alpine somethingoranother that came with the car is pushing the 4" mids and the headrest speakers (gain turned way down and I use the Eclipse fader control to turn headrests on and off). Then I've got a Zapco Studio-somethingoranother that will push the Boston 8. Also I'm using a 1 farad capacitor.

What I am looking to teach myself to do is build i fiberglass enclosure in the cockpit of the car, between the seats. I'll be using the sparetire area where the top folds down to house the enclosure with the Boston firing directly into the cockpit. I've got a spare set of 5" Boston Pro mids that I'd also like to incorporate in that same area. I'd use those as rear speakers, seeing how the convertible had no rear speakers from the factory. My original plan was to use the JL 300/1 bridged to push the Boston 8", but bought the wrong resistance version. I've got a 2 ohm and I believe the JL will only bridge to 3 ohms. I changed plans and used the JL to push the components and am going to use the Zapco which was pushing those components, to push the Boston 8. Unless I can find a quality used Boston 8 in a 2 ohm version. Then I'd use the JL in stereo and push both 8's.

I'll be posting in the security section looking for help with an alarm install. I picked up a Clifford Arrow 5 off ebay. Was gonna let my local dealer install it, but in the time it took for me to win and recieve the Clifford....my local dealer goes out of business. My next closest dealer is several hours away and I'm stuck teaching myself how to install this.

I look forward to noobing it out and making a fool of myself asking stupid questions that have easy answers.


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Welcome to the Site :bigwave:

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Thanks for the welcomes.

From what I've been reading, capacitors are NOT a good thing on a system. I know it's noobish, but can someone attach a link, or explain how they are a bandaid.

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They don't generate power... ;)

See if you can figure it out from there...