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08-21-2007, 03:41 PM
This may not be the correct place for this but I thought I had to post something here.
With todays technology are all Amps the same other than power rating?
Are digital Amps better than non, what are weak and strong points?
I listen to a lot of AM talk radio so I still need good AM reception.
When I listen to music I listen to all types except RAP, HOUSE, AND
INDUSTRIAL, I do listen to: Bluegrass, Jazz, rock, bagpipes,
pipe organ, motown, country, new age, punk, classical...
I am trying to decide what amps to go with.
Should I go aftermarket head unit or stay stock and do I loose or
gain features on steering wheel or otherwise. I am not interested in
motorcycles flying across the display. I want to be able to read the
station time and important stuff in the daytime. I had a Pioneer
Premier from a few years ago and it was usless in the day.
I have Boston Accoustic Pro 60s I could use(1 set). I also have a
Precision Power Art series A404.2, Mb Quart 300watt sub amp, JL audio
300/2 slash 1.
Do I need some type of Processor like Clean sweep, 3sixty.2 .... If
so which one? One guy said the Rockford 3sixty.2 was a huge pain or
impossible to set up(TWEETER installer).
I do not want to spend more than my car cost on the stereo.
Where should I put the speakers in the doors? build some housing/
structure to put them/ mold them in door?
Should I do something about the back speakers or just unplug them and
use the fronts.
I will buy new equipment if it ends up sounding better and lasting
longer/ less problematic and ends up taking up less space.

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