View Full Version : Rockford Fosgate Punch He 15 Review.

08-18-2007, 11:36 AM
Ok so here is my first review ive written about a sub, it may **** but it should have some decent info.

So after my Ma Audio MA120XE's spider didn't like the VC former a whole lot i decided it was time for something new in my HT. The sub runs around 70.00 shipped from woofersetc.com. The RMS is 200 watts and 400 max. I was sending it just about that from my receiver. The sub came in single 8ohm only.

First Impressions:
So i come home and find a huge *** box thrown in my room my someone in my family. I open it up and find a **** red box with Rockford Fosgate typed on it. Opened that up, and inside i see the *** of the subwoofer, beefy for 70 bucks, but ive seen much bigger, stamped basket, plastic cone, foam surround and plastic dust cap. The cone of the sub was pretty **** nice looking. Now, off to build an enclosure for it.

The first enclosure i had made for the sub was 3.5 cubes at right around 20htz ported. Was loud, and sounded decent, but the sub had very little movement. So i though lets try it sealed. Plugged the port and sealed it all up etc so i had it in 3.5 cubes sealed this time, and let me say i was definetely surprised. The low end was just insanely loud. The sub would make the 70+ pound box across my floor and shook the whole house and then some. At a daily listening level it would easily hit 1 inch of excursion no problem. At full tilt it would have 2 inches easy. I did have a problem with distortion at high volumes. Then i switched to ported at right around 30htz to see if i could possibly get it any louder, again, it was loud, but the low end dropped off bad at right around 30htz. I was unhappy and went to sealed again.

Spl thoughts:
This sub definetely got loud for a single 15 off ~200 watts. Loudness was no problem for this sub, but it definetely had its faults, which i will soon discuss.

Sq thoughs:
This subs SQ was nothing to brag about, in fact i didnt really like the way it sounded at full volume. Sure it was loud enough to hear from 100+ feet away, but it did distort if i got volume happy. I think it distorted most in the sealed box because of the movement it reached.

Overall rating:
Id say maybe a 6/10.
Sq: 4/10
Spl: 7/10
Cosmetics: 7/10

Pros: Pretty cheap, low power, very efficient. Is nice looking. Gets loud and low in a sealed box.

Cons: High distortion if you really push it, not very beefy, does not like ported boxes.

Overall i would say buy it if you need an HT sub, make sure its in a large sealed box though, and also make sure your house is well built. ;)

And this concludes my first subwoofer reveiw. Hope it helped some. :)