View Full Version : Box setup for 2 15s

08-17-2007, 12:48 AM
Sup guys new to the forum, and was wondering once I build my ported enclosure to go into my 2006 mercedes c230's trunk which way should i face the subs? Towards the rear end of car? Towards cabin? Facing up? Also can someone come up with a nice ported enclosure. The dimensions of my trunk are W 41" H 18" and the depth is probably like 55". Obviously the box has to be smaller than these dimensions to be able to fin in the vehicle. If possible tune it 30-35Hz what ever has the smallest dimensions in that range will do. I want them to feel amazingly loud :naughty: Thanks!

EDIT: The subs are 2 15" TC Sounds, TC2000's, pushing around 2000-2500 watts RMS for both.
Thanks again!