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08-13-2007, 03:04 PM
hey still technically noobish have put in a few systems.... built a box for 2 rockford punch z 12s (plus all the wiring etc) powered by a punch 300x amp (2002 models) in my saturn a few years ago then sold that car but put the box into my brothers 200sx then he got rearended so i installed it in the altima he had then he hit a dear and totaled that so we installed it into another 200sx he had

mean while i got a truck from my uncle that had a complete eclipse system in it

2 8 ohm 10" subs 8710.8
2 160 watt amps 3322
1 amp for highs 3122
cd player (cant remember the numbers but its only got preamps)
and eq 2101

im selling that cause i had a baby last october and i have decided that only one car with 3 seats is not enough

so im fixing my 89 lebaron gtc turbo 2 5speed with infinity system (although the hu is broke) for my car
and im putting that eclipse equipment in it.... (prolly only one of the 3322 amps though and if im not mistaken the car already has one amp in it for the highs so i prolly dont need the 3122 in it either......

and my fiance drives a 94 lebaron sedan v6 auto that has the stock system and prolly will stay that way for a little while.... :crying:

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welcome to the forums.

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welcome, nice cars

I have a 90 Daytona VNT, 87 Lebaron GTS, and a 88 Sundance

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