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08-13-2007, 02:09 PM
ok im putting 2 10" eclipse subs in my 89 lebaron gtc convertable so i figured i would use the spare tire well and make a ported box...
the speakers/amp/hu/eq i have from my s10 that i am selling so im building off them not buying them...

heres all the specs i could find for the speakers
Fs Hz-------24
VAS CuFt---1.6
SPL db------87
Xmax-------0.73" one-way
Competition---0.35 Sealed
Boomy--------0.65 Sealed
Natural-------1.25 Sealed
Extended-----1.50 Sealed
Sub Size---------10 "
Hole Size---------9 1/8"
Mounting Depth---5.0"
Speaker Volume---0.10 CuFt

with this amp and eq
Eclipse (Fujitsu Ten) 3322 160W x 2 Channel 0.1% THD at 2 Stereo, 2020,000Hz @ 13.8V
Eclipse (Fujitsu Ten) 21011/2 DIN 6 band equalizer/pre-amp 5-band graphic & 1 band parametric.

so the box i designed is about 3.686 cu ft which is 1.843 per speaker tuned to 39.16 hz acording to win isd pro alpha

heres my drawing of the box.....


yes i do realize that i am basicly gonna have to build the top half inside the car but it shouldnt be tooo bad.....

my question is, is my box too big for the speakers??

the specs say 1.5 for large sealed but its vented and 1.843....

i was thinking if it was too big i would put one or 2 triangular things in the bottom that would make the sound bounce around a bunch inside the box...... theoretecly

if you dont know for sure how will i know if it is too much volume for the speakers (before they die preferably)

08-14-2007, 10:36 AM
no one knows??

i have the specs for a sealed box but not for ported thats my question.... ported can be bigger usually (but it depends on the subs)...

did i go too big???