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08-11-2007, 08:49 PM
Ok i did a search and i didn't see this specifically talked about...

I had an Eclipse CD5000 for just about 9 months. When i first got it i noticed that all of the button illumination colors didn't work - features/spec sheet said there should be 5 or 6 different colors. only 3 worked. this wasn't a big deal, i dealt with it.

well all of a sudden i was having major issues with my system, basically any time a low note was sent to my sub it came back through the sub MAJORLY distorted, almost like the VC was rubbing on the sub.

i had my amp sent back to us amps for repair, they tested it working and said a capacitor was bad and it was fixed. it was sent through a rigorus testing phase and they said it should be 100% working no problems (unless i create one)

anyway, after weeks of diagnosing, when i was getting out of my car one night i saw faint lines going through my head unit - almost like an HR on a web page. multiple lines...

so i figured a.) buttons not working b.) distorted sub signal c.) lines in HU display

had it sent back for warranty. after a BUNCH of BS with sonic electronix i got a credit and payed 20 bucks for an upgrade to the CD5100.

here's my question:

When i was uninstalling the head unit, which i did myself, first time doing it - ever, i got everything out but the only problem i had was the amp signal cable. this reallly tiny gray cable that seemed to be intertwined with one of the cables on the HU harness.

it wasn't readily just disconnected, i had to actually cut it with scissors to disconnect it from the HU harness so i could send the head unit back.

i really would rather not pay $40 or $50 to have a shop install this head unit when i get it, so i am stuck

1.) i can get the brackets installed, i can obviously connect the power cable to the head unit, the harness, the rca's... but my problem is i don't know how to connect the amp signal cable back to the head unit... it was intertwined with one of the cables on the harness and a small white cap covered it and it seemed as if it was crimped to keep it intertwined with the harness.

a.) does anyone have any idea what i'm talking about? if you do, how would i go about connecting this amp signal cable to the head unit? it's not like you can just plug it in.. so how do i go about doing this?

any help would be awesome.. thanks guys

08-11-2007, 10:31 PM
Your rca's have the remote turn on wire included with them from what I read so all you have to do is strip off about an half an inch off the remote turn coming from the rca's and do the same for the blue/white wire coming off the Eclipse. Make sure you don't use the blue wire off the Eclipse because that is for the radio antenna. Use the blue one with the white stripe. Either solder or crimp that connection, and cover it with electrical tape. Then strip about the same amount off the end of the remote turn on wire that is at the other end of the rca cable and connect that to the remote turn on terminal on the amp. Then you should be good to go.

08-11-2007, 11:56 PM
i'm not following..

i have a set of knukonceptz rca's.. there was no "remote wire" that came with them..

basically these were the connections on my eclipse HU..

RCA's from HU to amp.

a light grey wire (Remote wire/amp signal wire) from HU to amp (ran from hu to trunk) this grey wire was connected to a wire on the eclipse harness. i forget which color wire exactly, but i had to cut it because it was crimped on.

obviously the black cord with the metal connector from car to head unit (power cord?)

then the eclipse harness plugged into the car's harness in one connection.

so rca's, remote wire, harness connection and power connector

so essentially if i copied the same exact setup from my previous head unit, all i need to do is connect the grey wire (remote wire) to the eclipse wiring harness.. just don't know where to connect it at.

edit: i'm retarded. so cut off a half inch of the wire coat on the grey wire (remote wire), and connect & tape it to the blue/white strip wire coming from the eclipse harness?

08-12-2007, 12:49 AM
edit: i'm retarded. so cut off a half inch of the wire coat on the grey wire (remote wire), and connect & tape it to the blue/white strip wire coming from the eclipse harness?