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08-04-2007, 11:31 PM
first i apologize for my english because its not perfect.

leave this post... read down the 2nd one...

Now, im searching for some time now a HU that will give me some solution to my problem.

My music playlist include more then 1000 songs, the problem is that most of the songs are ripped from original cds, that means they are in wav format which make the file be very large.
That is a problem because i can burn 15+- songs on a single cd and i'll end up with more then 100 cds in my car that i will have to replace all the time.

So what im searching is a HU that will be able to play songs from a high capacity source.

i have seen some solutions in the market that might suit me(IPOD, Integrated HDD in the HU and etc...) the problem was that those solutions are very expinsive.
Then i found something that looked perfect, the ural CDD Concert, i found that it can read files from a 2.5" HDD which was great for me, the problem was that this HU is not available in my country, and i know that its like that not only here but everywhere.

I am a owner of a extrnal HDD 2.5" (WD 120GB Passport) which dont need any power to oprate except of the power it get from a usb port and i would be glad to have a HU that can read songs from my HDD.

There are a lot of HU with a USB port but none has mention any HDD capabilty, most can read only memory sticks which not solve my problem.

Recently i saw the new pioneer HUs and one of them cought my eye, it was the 7950UB, pioneer says that the HU can read from any mass storge device, which is exactly what ive been looking for so i searched the net for more information, it was hard to find some but then i came across some tread in some forum about this HU and some of the people said that they have successfuly plugged a HDD to the HU, that was great news, but then i kept reading and found somethings which may be a problem.
first some of the users said that its not working for them, some said that u can only play MP3 WMA and AAC files' not wave ones and when i asked the guys at the forum im active they said that this is not that good HU.
because im using wav u can understand that im searching for high quality HU ( i really want fetures like time correction, build in crossover, and i like paramatric EQ but i know thats not popular so i want any good EQ to have) and some said that because of that the pionner dont suit me best.

so after all this long story (sorry about that) i want to hear what u have to say.
what u have to say about the pioneer 7950UB (that i will obviously try before im buying).
and i want to hear if u have some other solutions that can suit me.


ohh and btw. I live in Israel, the avalible brands here are: pioneer,Alpine,Clarion,JVC, Kenwood and Panasonic.
if there is a really good solution for me i can order from Ebay but im preffered to buy something from my country.

08-05-2007, 02:49 AM
Hi again...
Sorry for the double post.
So.. i have read a lot since i have posted this tread, most in this forum(you have a wonderful forum btw)

this tread helped me a lot:

i search over the net and found out my disk drive needs more then a 1000mA while the HUs provide only 500mA, and i dont want to mass around with annoying power supllys, so i found this:

500mA dirve... which i will place inside an encolser.

so my problem is pretty much solved.
i can try the unit before im buying to make sure its working.

so what do you think? this drive sould work with a USB HU that can read hard drives?
i just want to be sure im not buying something that wont work so please help me...
do you think i really cant use my WD Passport?
and one problem still remains, is there any unit that can play wav from the USB port?
because most of the HU cant...

10-07-2007, 05:24 PM
I am using an Iomega 80 GB Silver Portable HD with my Kenwood DPX701 HU with no problems whatsoever. The HU only supplies 500 mA and the Iomega drive takes that or less to startup and function. I tried an I/O Magic drive and it would not start up using only the HU USB power. I researched the Western Digitial Drive and it take 650mA to start up so I doubt it would have worked. And Memorex would not disclose their max power comsumption, so I stayed away from theirs. Hope that helps.