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07-31-2007, 10:16 PM
What is so special about the iPod control on the IDA-X001, other than the display...vs something like the forthcoming 9887?

The Pioneer DEH-P880PRS also looks interesting to me. How does the iPod integration on it compare with the Alpine's?

I'm interested in sound quality, but dont care to fight though 10000 features I wont use. I'll probably listen almost exclusively to music through my iPod and sat radio.

A CD would be nice though...which the X001 doesnt have. I'm trying to figure out why it is priced like it is w/o a CD....people seem to think the 9887 will sound better...AND it has a CD....so what is so great about the X001?

Also, reading through the docs on the X100, it sounds like the USB interface gives you more advanced features than the "full speed connection". What is the difference b/t the two...not sure why they are both there and which would be better to use.

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07-31-2007, 11:48 PM
I see a couple obvious typo's in my original post:

Apline = Alpine

In the last sentence X100 should be X001.

Other than that, I dont see WTF you are WTF'ing about.

Yes that was my first post. I'm really hoping I can get some good feedback here, and that this post doesnt turn into an off-topic flame mess.

Apon further review: it does seem that the USB interface is the more advanced interface....maybe it's just their terminology....it sounded to me like "full speed" would be the better interface. Interested in hearing what people who have them have found though.

08-01-2007, 10:32 AM
Ok.. The X001 has some nice items... Burr brown dacs and it reads iPods digitally, rather than just receiving analog that's already converted, so those nice DAC's in the X001 can be used. Also, the iPod control is supposedly very very good.. close to using the ipod itself.. I dunno because I don't own one and have no clue how an iPod works. :)

On the 880 and 9887.. I'd also like to know if it can receive a digital iPod signal.. If so, awesome..

The difference is the 880 and 9887 (also with burr-brown dacs and great SQ) have have much further sound tuning processing.. Better crossovers that allow active x-over of tweets and mids and sub, not just full-range comps and sub, and better EQ (in a CAR that's important).

The 9887 also will eventually have another device (box, mike and software) for their version of MultEQ auto-calibration... If you're familiar with higher-end newer Denon or Marantz AV receivers, you've heard the name Audyssey (a company that developed auto-room calibration for the A/V home theater market). Alpine's "Imprint" or "MultEQ" terms revolve around that technology, so tuning is a lot easier.. claimed. 880 has something similar but probably not as advanced, but an older design. Also, there are things like individual speaker level control, etc... Just a lot more tuning capable.

So, in effect, there's more tuning in the 880 and 9887, but possibly better digital receipt of iPod signal in the X001 (six one hand, 1/2 dozen the other).. I'm waiting for the 9887 myself.. I'd go for an 880 but too many issues with grounds and internal fuse s causing whining complaints.

The Eclipse CD7100 or 7000 and also the Clarion 775 also have similar "active" crossover capability, just for some more useless trivia. :)

I do actually like the idea of no cd player = no moving player parts to break.. no flippie front face, etc.. That stuff eventually fails.

08-03-2007, 09:15 PM
the x001 is awesome. The ease of use is incredible....like using a real ipod. Furthermore it sounds crystal clear, the digital signal helps A LOT.

dont know much about those other models

08-04-2007, 11:31 AM
.. I'm probably going 9887 but the x001 does apparantly work well with the H701 also as I've been told in here before.. but you'd still need the controller for full control. The 9887 just has the tuning built in that the x001 does not.. TA, EQ, active component xover capability.

08-04-2007, 03:18 PM
I like the x001, does it display satellite radio information as well as it does ipod info?