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07-26-2007, 11:13 AM
Hello all!
I'm intereted in upgrading OEM system in 2002 Galant to a Clarion DXZ775USB head unit. I'd like any comments/reviews one might have regarding this particular model. I understand Clarion to be synonymous with good sound quality however, was also attracted to this unit for it's additional features(iPod, Sattellite,USB capatable). I understand the USB cable connects to the rear of the unit which makes me wonder, how the cord is routed to the front after unit is installed!
Now in addition to the head unit upgrade, I'd like to upgrade the (4) oem speakers as well to the following;

-Replace Front OEM 6.5 with Infinity Reference 6012i 6.5 / 2-60 watts RMS
-Replace Rear OEM 6x9 with Infinity Reference 9612i 6x9/ 100 watt RMS
-Clarion DXZ775USB/ 4x20 watts RMS

Would the above components make a balanced system or do I need to change speakers to compiment the Clarion head unit? Your help and time is appreciated. Thanks.

Did come accross the folowing post: DXZ775USB: First Impressions, but doesn't give a clear opinon but does go into detail regarding setup options.