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07-26-2007, 12:24 AM
So just about to the point where my mounts will be here to finish putting up the other four 1000's and need to look into a spool of speaker wire. All runs will be about 25' or so. Doesn't it matter if it is oxygen free? Any certain size or flavor to be on the look-out for?:blackeye:

07-26-2007, 05:02 AM
Oxygen free copper is the material of choice. Other than that, get as low gauge as possible.

Don't pay overinflated prices for Monster or other boutique cables because a majority of the price goes towards marketing. Just look for good thick insulation, real copper wires (not aluminum), and look for a stranded design that is flexible yet not so thin that the strands tend to break from twisting, connecting, and disconnecting from terminals.

I've used all kinds of wire for speakers- extension cord/power cable, lamp cord, zip cord, auto power cables, and most people will not be able to tell a difference as long as you use a low gauge to minimize any resistance. Try to get 14 AWG or thicker. I would personally use no thinner than 12 AWG for 25' runs and 10 AWG for 30' or longer, but that is probably overkill.

Blue Jeans Cable is a reliable no BS cable seller that sells 12AWG for $.38/ft and 10AWG for $.57/ft. They also sell RCA cables, component, HDMI, and others at unbeatable prices.


Home Depot will occasionally have some specials. I've seen RCA brand 12 AWG speaker wire (zip cord style with the clear insulation) for around $40 for a 100 ft. spool.

Automotive power cables can sometimes be found for real cheap too. I picked up some 14 AWG copper "primary wire" for and I think it was $8.99 for 50 ft. That is single wire only though. I use it for internal wiring on speakers.

If you have Cat-5 lying around you could also try something like this: