View Full Version : HELP!! need component speaker advice

07-25-2007, 03:29 PM
I am looking for help on 2 things first I have a question regarding RMS wattage and second I want to know what you guys think about the component speakers I'm about to buy, if you think they are legit and if not what you might suggest that's better within the same price range.

My equipment is as follows
I have a phoenix Gold xenon 200.4 4 channel 800W amp RMS 200Wx4

I have 2 channels bridged to a JL Audio 10W3v3-4 sub RMS 75-300W Peak 600W

A set of Polk Audio MMC6500s RMS 125W Peak 250W

I got a new car recently that has 6.5" speakers in the back and front so now I have a reason to dump my Fosgate 6x9s which are blown now anyways.

I was thinking about getting either the Eclipse SC6500s RMS 75W Peak 225W
or the Eclipse SC8365s RMS 100W Peak 300W

The reason I am listing the Wattage in such detail is because I am concerned that despite which way I go I"m afraid my Polks wont be able to reach there RMS of 125W due to my amp only have 200W channels. I realize that I could wire the car speakers left side to one channel and right side to another, this way if I got the SC6500s with an RMS of only 75W then the polk would receive the other 125W which is it's RMS and everything would run smoothly the only problem is I really want 3 way component speakers like the SC8365s but then the polks would only get 100W plus this would not allow to use my fade option so this scenario is out.

I want one channel to go to my front speakers and one to the back

I dont want to buy another amp, I feel that the overall sound of a system sounds more in sync if the whole car runs off the same amp.

Any suggestions?