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07-25-2007, 01:31 PM
I'm not a journalist or anything, but I'll try and provide some insight regarding my personal experience with both of these great sets.

I picked up the SLC Kick set first, and had it installed for about two weeks. I really liked the detail and clarity of this set, but the tweeters really weren't what I was looking for as far as sound goes. They were clear and detailed, and sounded really good...they just weren't as crisp and as pronounced as I wanted them to be. After about 3 weeks of owning the SLC Kick set, I found a guy on the forums that was selling his CMX 265's. I decided to pick these up, mainly because I wanted a more agressive, crisper sounding tweeter, and I knew that the CAL25 titan was a metal tweeter.

As it turns out, I've had the CMX's hooked up for about a week now, and I'm completely happy with the swap. The CMX's actually seem to have a little deeper midbass that the SLC Kicks, and the CAL25 titan tweets sound exactly as I'd hope they would. The CAL25's can get really crisp and clear, without being harsh like a Focal or MB Quart metal tweet usually can be...it's very balanced, detailed, and loud, without being painful at high volumes.

I listen to mostly metal and all kinds of rock, latin freestyle, and some techno and hip hop thrown in once in a while when I'm in the mood. The CMX's sound great with all kinds of metal and rock, in my opinion, and also sound awesome when I play some Stevie B or Lil Wayne on them.

I've got the normal CMX 265 version. I'm giving mine 200w a side, with the gains set conservatively, and they take it like a champ...big, full, crisp, clean sound.

I would recommend either set to anyone. Which set you choose depends on really what kind of tweeter sound you prefer. If you prefer a little more "laid back", but still detailed and clean tweet, go with the SLC/SLC Kicks. If you like a more pronounced, sharp, crisp tweet sound, I'd recommend the CMX/CMX Kicks all day.

Hope this helps someone in their decision.

Greg Snowdon
02-26-2011, 03:36 PM

I bought a pair of Rainbow's CMX 265 249.99 October 2006, they lasted me approx 3 years. I powered them off a Audison Lrx 4.5 Amp I paid 449.99. My brother originally installed the speakers. He has been an auto electrician for nearly 10 years. I owned a Seat Leon. I was so pleased with the speakers.

You have to have a Sub with them aswell. I owned a Vibe CRB 12 approx 229.99 and not forgetting my Clarion headunit. Plus don't forget the wiring. Good luck. Thanks