View Full Version : Double Din and VW Jettas

07-25-2007, 11:09 AM
So the VW Jetta comes witha double din, either monsoon or not, I replaced it with my IVA-W200, there are no double din kits for the vw jetta, double dins are supposed to slide right in. Well my deck is off center, its in the bot right of the cage.

I have ordered the alpine trim piece so that will help cover it up some but there will still be and little opening on the top and left side of the deck... I did not install the IVA-w200 a shop did.... is there any way to move it to the left some so it fits better in the cage or is it stuck where it is, or if i remove it and put it back in will it be in the same spot...

Also does any one know how i can make my dash look better, is there a double din kit anywhere online???

Second.. my deck rattles some. Could i put hushmatt inside the cage or around the cage to reduce road noise? The deck only rattles from road noise and its really bothering me.

07-25-2007, 11:13 AM
Take it back to the shop and simply tell them you are are not happy with the fitment and rattling. They should fix it.

07-25-2007, 12:33 PM
Eh, i would but long story short... its a 6hr drive.

07-25-2007, 12:44 PM
Ah. Well that *****.