View Full Version : Speaker baffles or fiberglass deadening?

07-25-2007, 04:50 AM
Which do you recommend, pre fabricated foam baffles or custom sound deadening in the door?

I just bought these baffles and most of the reviewers say it dramatically decreases the bass UNLESS you cut a hole in the bottom.


I also am scrapping my Sony's for these Polk db 650, and I want to protect them, but not kill my bass because I don't have a sub although I will also have the Polk 6x9's in enclosures.

Would you recommend using these or creating my own sound deadening using fiberglass. the large cavity in the door panel seems to enhance the bass and I already have insulation stuffed inside the panel.

The panel seems to water proof and any water that leaks in will probably be on the other side of the panel or INSIDE the door frame.