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07-23-2007, 11:47 PM
Up to a few days ago, I had a Valet 712T installed in my car, which I installed myself. The system worked terrific for my needs.

I installed a door lock switch, using the rocker of an OEM sunroof switch, but using a window switch for the switch action. When I installed the switch, I unfortunately connected the input wires to the wrong connectors and destroyed the locking relay of the module as well as a few of my door lock actuators; the switch remained in the locking state for probably ten minutes, until I figured out that something was wrong with the wiring (the hint of melting plastic also gave a clue :crap: ...).

In any case, I've ordered a new 712T kit, and I want to make a few changes to my relay setup. I previously had the unit installed with progressive unlocking, which I'd like to maintain with the new unit. With my previous relay setup, I had to incorporate diodes with the switch in order to keep the progressive unlocking functional. However, I think this setup is much simpler:


The two arrows indicate where I intend to interpose the relays' output wires with the 712T's output wires. Also, I'll split the unlock wire from the switch to the left and center relay, where I'll interpose this wire with the passenger doors unlock wire of the 712T module.

I just want to make certain of a few uncertainties that I have (and before I possibly destroy another module :suicide: ):

1. When I use the switch, is there a possibility that the relays' output wires could damage the relays of the Valet module due to the wires being connected with each other? In other words, should I use a diode at the indicated arrows? I'm afraid that the "reverse" current going back into the Valet module might damage its on-board relays. Is this a valid concern of mine?
2. Is it alright if I interpose the unlocking wire from the switch with the unlocking wire of the Valet module at the center relay?

07-27-2007, 08:31 PM
1. Not likely, but better safe than sorry
2. Yes