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07-19-2007, 12:34 PM
Hey whats up fella's
I never posted here just on the car audio forums, but i recently put a home theater system together

I got polk towers in the front
polk center channel
and 4 (m30) surrounds

off of an Onkyo 75 X 7

Klipsh 12" 350w rms sub

Hitachi 42" plasma HDTV

Man its NIIIICCCEE to come home and enjoy movies and music.
I've been into car audio, but I enjoy my home audio a little more because i can unwind and enjoy myself.

in the automobile.... I'm beating and whipping.... being loud... being seen.... actin' bad

The home theater system is just for myself and for me to enjoy music, movies, and tv more.

The Klipsh subwoofer rocks the house. I wanted to build me own with a RE SX 15" but the ol' lady was against it. Said it would be overkill

07-20-2007, 07:37 PM
Which Polk mains? I got RTi 8's and I don't like them. Thank god I didn't spend a lot on them.

07-20-2007, 11:01 PM
I dont know what the model number is but they are about 3' tall, and I bought them at cc as a damaged open box special.

I was going to get a onkyo home theater in a box, but I got a lot of deals on open box polk stuff and got the (4)M30 surrounds, and a nice polk center channel.

overall sound is good to me, but i must admit that I'm no audiophile. I sampled several different speakers and the polk sounded really nice to me. the Klipsch sounded a little better, but i practicly stole some of the polk stuff i got so it was a no brainer for me.

This system is for my bedroom, in my living room we are looking at doing another 7.1, but I'm using a RE SX 15 and a plate amp, and building my own cabinets and keep researching til I find some good speakers / horns / tweets / crossovers.

ignorance is bliss and we enjoy our 7.1 surround and 42" Hitachi plasma system like a audiophile might enjoy a $15,000 or more setup