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07-19-2007, 12:25 AM
Chinese pro audio amps.


I'm not endorsing this, just analyzing. lol

When you buy bulk, importing the Chinese amps, you can get a nice price
assuming the guy selling doesn't do crazy markups. :laugh:

I have not doubt that these amp can generate some good power numbers,
but just like any pro audio amplifier, even Crown or QSC, etc., if you
were to stress test these amps the numbers you get will be less than advertised
unless it's a 'PFC' type of design.

What is interesting is those amps are configured for 220VAC, which it needs to
be for the higher power models. But the guy is looking to get some in 120VAC
configurations. This of course reduces the output power of the high powered
amps, so you might have to do an electrical cord mod with 30A plug. :laugh:

My final thoughts are on post #61 of that thread.

Preliminary pricing;

PL160- $240.00
PL320- $275.00
PL680- $300.00
PL960- $330

The SPT series is
6001: $230
7001: $275
8001: $320
9001: $400

LA600: $200.00
LA800: $230.00

The next variable to consider is serviceability. If your amp smokes whether it's
Behringer, Crown, QSC, Chinese imports, who will fix your broken amp?

For me, I'd just fix my broken amp so it's a moot issue, but if you can repair,
do you know anyone that can repair amps? If so, then the risk on the Chinese
imported amp can be low, otherwise in spite of the low price, the risk could
be high.

Note SPT and PL series are the same amp, just different face plates. I don't
know why the price was different. lol .. Perhaps the guy selling them was
just estimating costs. But anyways, $330 for a PL960 could be a nice snag.

I think a few people will buy the smaller LA series and have Chuck on AVS
do some amp tests.