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07-18-2007, 05:01 AM
Hey guys seems everytime i ask the guys at my local caraudio store ne thing they seem to be wrong:S

NE way here is my situation... I got pretty much everything i need besides some loud *** speakers.. i got about 60watts of power for each speaker at the moment and i got about $400 left to get 4 speakers.... i would like to get either memphis or rockford fosgate speakers ...

so for $400.. wuts the loudest speakers i can get??

ps in the future i was planin on addin in 2 more speakers... is it worth it to switch it up from a 4-speaker to a 6-speaker set up?.... gracias

07-18-2007, 01:39 PM
For a 4-speaker setup with coaxial speakers, I hear the Pioneer REV series are pretty good.

You don't mention if you have a subwoofer setup or not. For the best sound, the general consensus around here is to get a good set of component speakers and amp for the front, ditch the rear speakers, and also get a good subwoofer/amp.

If you already have a sub, great, you're halfway there. A great set of component speakers that fit your budget are the Rainbow SLC 265 Kicks. If your amp can be bridged (don't know what amp you have, most can be bridged, but not all), then you'd bridge it so you have about 120 watts per channel for the 2 front channels. Those speakers can really pound, and can handle a lot of power!

Of couse, a proper installation is very important to get the best sound. You'll need to add sound deadener to your doors, otherwise those Rainbows will rattle the hell out of them!

-- Kevin

07-19-2007, 12:59 AM
REV's will get very loud and clean off that power. I was only running my rear fill for the last week and was rather impressed by them.

Kicker KS coax's also get very loud. You might be able to demo both of them at CC...

07-19-2007, 05:07 AM
I hate to say it but the Rockford punch coxials get very loud and are clean. The Pioneer Rev stuff is very good though.

It would be best to spend the money on a nice set of comps vs. 4 speakers.IMO
Someone already mentioned the Rainbows. You can look at CDT. For more budget set-up you do Alipne Type-x and Type-R, Polk DB or Momo, Phoenix Gold Rsd. You could do a budget comp front and coxial rears if you wanted with the cash you have.IMO

Do a search on here you can find reviews of all of them on here.