View Full Version : Billabongcr = good guy in my book!

07-17-2007, 08:26 PM
been lucky enough to not get screwed on this site as of yet. have bought many things used and have always got good deals. which brings me to another guy i dealt with. he was selling a used kx2500.1 for 500 shipped. i took the bait as soon as i saw it in the classifieds.

billabongcr was always on top of the pm's. for every pm sent, i got a response. no lagging on his end. he didnt have time to get the amp out when he originally thought he would so he did what was right and informed me of this. didnt leave me in the dark. as soon as the amp went out i got a detailed pm about it, as well as a tracking number.

amp arrived today from DHL. popped the box open to examine the amp. just as described in his f/s thread. now i have not had the chance to extensively test the amp, but i did wire it up to see if it turned on and had output. sure enough, it did. played for about 45 secs just to make sure everything was cool.

big thumbs up to billabongcr. GOOD SELLER!!!


07-18-2007, 10:38 AM