View Full Version : Help with Focal Polyglass comps

07-14-2007, 11:27 PM
I am trying to decide between the 165 v1 and the 165 v2 design Polyglass components. I will have about 80 watts to each channel, run passively, and mounted in fiberglass door pods angled towards the center of the car. The tweet will be right next to the woofer, and the comps will be time aligned via a Pioneer Premier 880prs. I was told that with only two channels of amplification, the tweet and woofer would have to be on the same plane right next to each other for the TA to work.

What difference is there between the V1 and V2? I can grab the V1s for about $200, and the V2s for about $260, and of course if the V1s will work just as well as the V2s in my case, I'd rather pocket the extra $60. Which will work better in the setup I am considering? Also, do these woofers prefer to be sealed into a small airspace or run into the door? The reason I ask is because my plastic door panel is a few inches away from the sheet metal, so I would have to make a "column" of MDF rings in order to seal them into the door from the glass pods I am making (the pod will be sitting on top of the door panel inside the car). I could alternatively just seal the glass pod, giving them a separate small airspace of their own, completely isolated from the door, but it would be pretty small.

I would appreciate any advice!