View Full Version : Revolution designs 1750.1

07-13-2007, 07:40 PM
i got 4 of these suckers and they are SOLID amps.. very similar to the sundown audio 1500Ds... not only did the amps exceed there ratings in my test([email protected]) but they are among the most efficient and cleanest amps for any dollar amount as for as momo blocks are concerned...

Steve @ Revolution designs was very help and is an outstanding guy... he took time to call ME and see how i was enjoying the equipment and just in general BSin about options for the upgrade(reason I'm selling the my alphas).
Kevin at low-hz is a dealer for RD and kevin is friend of mine, his customer service is outstanding and he offers great prices on great products...not saying this becasue hes a friend but this IS the reason we became friends... hard to find people like kevin and steve around and this is the reason i am loyal...not to mention top notch products...:)
output wise the amps are strong... with low to no audible distortion(not enough to notice with this output anyways) the amps done 2912wats @ 3.7 ohm! whats even more amazing was thats @ 11.5 volts!(a pair strapped) above what they are rated.. with a true 1ohm and 14.4 volts they will surpass 2K NP.....as for a single amp i was able to get a pretty clean 1800 out one @ 12.8 volts @ about 1ohm(think it was 1.3) and a single 1750 pushed all for alphas pretty **** HARD...
A for service
A for pricing(low-hz)
A for service after the buy
A for shipping time
A for products..

another great audio company that has what it takes to provide good products for the long haul and knowledge and skill to stick around for a long time...