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07-13-2007, 07:06 PM
Hi guys... this is my first post... I really need some help adjusting the equalizer on my new HU...

I just had the following installed in my '04 Explorer:

Pioneer DEH-P6900
Boston Acoustics SL-80's
Boston Acoustics GT-40
Boston Acoustics GT-28
Boston Acoustics SPG555

Everything is great except for the fact that I can't calibrate the equalizer correctly on the Pioneer HU... I really am not a big fan of the pre-set equalizer settings.. Right now the best option is the Powerful setting but it's definitely lacking highs and mids...

I'm a treble guy... In any car I've ever owned, I've always cranked the treble... I think it provides for a much more full range of sound.... Wheneer I ride in a car without the treble turned way up, the sound always comes across as 'drowned out' to me... My previous HU was a 3 year old Pioneer deck and instead of adjusting individual bands of equalization, you just set values for the Highs/Mids/Lows.... I had it set to 5-4-2 respectively... This new unit has a 7 band equalizer....

On this new unit, I don't know how to set it at all... I'm going to try calling Pioneer but I thought I'd try 3rd party discussion boards first... I want settings that provide for near full treble and better mids... I can hear the sound quality suffering with the Powerful equalizer settings... I know I can tweak this thing to sound twice as good as it does now...

So I'm looking for some tips, whether it be other people's settings, or at least an explanation as to how the equalizer is set up, I'm willing to try anything....

Thank you for your time and I'm looking forward to the responses!


- Mike

07-16-2007, 01:59 AM
I'm not sure the exact 7 bands it has, but the lower the Hz the more bass. The higher the Hz the more treble. Inbetween is where your mids are, most likely at the 100-300 range (general idea). Just play some music that you like that you can clearly hear several ranges of music and tweak a setting all the way up and all the way down and you can tell what part of your music it will change. Then just set it up to your liking.