View Full Version : help with components

07-12-2007, 02:18 PM
just installed the comps in my sig...

they sound ok, but the highs are extremly harsh, like when you get close to the tweeter it sounds like really high pitched noise

my headunit has a hdeq 13 band eq, i put the far right side down to -3 db, for the 3 spots to the far left... so its basically a straight line with the right end sloped down -3db...

it sounds better but its still way harsh , i dont remember what incriments the individual 13 bands are, but in the manual it says from "63hz to 16 khz"

is it normal for me having to drop below -3db on the highs? at which point does the tweeter come in at? around 2khz? should i drop everything down beyond this 2khz range to fix the highs?

also im having a problem of where to mount my xovers and tweets... at first i had them stick between the pillars and windshield.. i just sorta shoved them in till they wouldent move but it hurts the ears at that location so i put them in the door sleeves along with the xover wires + xover and it sounds better, but i know it has horrible imaging all the way down there...