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07-11-2007, 04:14 PM
Ok so I'm about to go out to my car and beat my head against the steering wheel till I bust it open. Not really but that's how I feel. I'm looking for a new Double Din Touch Screen DVD/NAV Unit. I drive a 2004 Pontiac GTO and currently in the car is Polk DB series 6 1/2" components up front 6 1/2" 2 ways in the rear and 2 8" JL Audio W1V2's free air on the rear deck behind the passenger heads (where normally people have 6x9's I had factory 6 1/2" free air subs). All this is powered by a JL 450/4 Slash Series amp and it sounds ok. Current problem is the factory head unit is made by Blaupunkt or whatever and their aftermarket stuff is **** so i can only imagine what this factory unit is rated at for S/N.

So I've been looking into a bunch of different DVD/NAV Touchscreen 7" units and I don't know what to pick. Current list that I'm interested in are:
Eclipse AVN 5510
Kenwood DNX-7100

So after driving around town and playing with a couple display units I decided that I don't like the NAV of Eclipse and I don't like the interface of the Kenwood but love that fact that it's got built in Garmin as I currently have a Garmin C330 and absolutely love it. I have a 30BG Ipod video that I'm gonna connect so I want a good Ipod interface which I've read is good on both units.

Now my main question of mine is do I want a higher S/N Ratio or a higher Pre-amp voltage?

I really want good sound quality and a easy to use interface. Money isn't really too big of a factor in this case as I'm going to be spending a ****load of money either way I look at this so if anyone can recommend a unit they absolutely love it'd be much appreciated.

07-11-2007, 04:26 PM
im in a similar situation...the more research i do the more i start to like a new deck...anywayz so my three options were...

1. Clarion MAX675 + NAX970
2. Eclipse AVN5510
3. Panasonic CN-NVD905U

i guess i can cross #2 out thanks to you...my previous system consisted of a panasonic deck but wasnt dvd/navi so i cant say much about the CN-NVD905U...clarion is known for decks but i dunno :confused: ...let me know if you come to a conclusion

07-11-2007, 05:27 PM
Yeah I liked the panasonic when I looked into it but found reviews saying it wasn't very reliable. As far as the clarion they are a good deck and I haven't looked much into that unit but I will now that you brought it to my attention. As far as Eclipse I love Eclipse it's the only single din replacement CD player I've ever used. But their nav unit has poor S/N ratio it's only 90 DB and I was hoping for better but the problem with the kenwood is it only has 2v preouts and the eclipse has 5v preouts. But the nav system on the kenwood is much easier to use and much better from playing with both of them.