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07-11-2007, 09:51 AM
I have a 98% complete air ride kit. Everything is brand new still in boxes and plastic. They were only removed for the pictures.

The kit consists of....
2 Slam RE6 bags
A front torsion bar bracket kit that I fabbed myself out of 1/4" plate. These brackets will work in older Mazda B series trucks, toyotas, and Nissan that have a torsion bar from suspension. Other vehicles will need different brackets.
DC5000 compressor.
York 210R engine driven compressor with a factory ford bracket and idler pulley that can be used to fab up one for whatever application is needed.
3/8 Valves, 6 gallon aluminum tank, Clear Blue 10 switch plexi box, 2 KP dual needed gauges, 1 KP single needle guage, 50' 1/4" airline, 50' 3/8" airline, all fittings, SMC water trap, SMC check valve and a 8" rear step notch from suicide doors.

Only parts missing to get you on the road completly bagged are 2 more bags and a rear set up. Everything is brand new, never used, and still wrapped in plastic for the most part. Except the York. I got it out of a junk yard, but it is tested and works great.

I paid $600 shipped for the kit, $150 shipped for the 2 RE6s, $55 for the york, $150 shipped for the KP guages, water trap, and check valve, and $90 shipped for the rear step notch. I would like to sell it all for $650 shipped to the US. Shipping is going to be roughly $150 or more. I will entertain shipping to canada, but you must pay the difference in shipping and any duties or taxes involved. If shipping is crazy expensize to canada I could work something out with you.

I am also interested in some trades. I would like an Alpine IVA-W200 or something simular, but I am also open to other offers. Just throw out some offers for trades and we will see what happens.

Heres are some pics.




You can view more pictures here. I didnt want to make my post long with a bunch of pictures.

07-12-2007, 09:46 AM
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07-13-2007, 12:45 PM
One more time to the top... PMs replied to.

If someone makes me an offer for a touch screen headunit that I can use and like, I will throw in my Alpine CDA-9835 with the air ride kit. I can't use one of the fold out screens. I dont have room in my dash for it to clear when its open. It has to be a double din unit.

EDIT: I can use an IVA-D310. I know how to modify that unit to seperate the screen from the deck.

07-16-2007, 11:49 AM
One last bump... Didn't think there would be too much interest here, but it was worth a try.