View Full Version : 3-way sub directional?

AK SloPok
07-09-2007, 08:49 PM
I have a quick question for the group, in a simple 3-way setup (passive CDT CL-E845) are the "subs" directional? I got the CL-E845 setup and then switched cars! ****... I don't have room in my ride now for the 8's. I DO however have a center console so I ask this, can I put my subs in the center console or should I try to get a set of smaller subs and make a door panel? I was thinking of trying either a 5.25" or 4" in addition to the existing mid for "sub" duties. Something like the CL-4 or CL-5.

Related question, can I run a summed output for the front from each L/R channel for one sub on the front 3way? I will be running a dedicated rear sub so the lowest freq the front will see is around 80 hz.