View Full Version : Head Unit debate - Pioneer 3900 vs 5900

07-09-2007, 02:21 PM
Hey all, I'm a newb here but I just came to ask a question, at least only one for now. I'm going to get a new receiver for a few reasons, mainly I'd like to upgrade the audio system in my 99 acccord. I'll probably be using my ipod as the source of most of my music, so that is my major focal point of this debate. I've loved the convenience the front aux. on the 3900 offers, and I like being able to control my music directly from my ipod, however my ipod will be losing battery in the process. I just didn't like the 4900, and if I'm going with a fold down face plate, w/out the front aux I might as well step up to one with a bigger and better display; the problem is, I'm not sure I want to totally control my ipod from the HU, while the advantage of that is also having a fully charged ipod at all times.

I will be upgrading speakers, and possibly adding amps and bass but those are discussings for different days, ha. the head unit alone is hard enough

3900 - installed + 3.5 adapter ~$200
pro - front aux - easy, convenient, cheaper
con - less than stellar display, lose ipod battery, fewer customization options

5900 - installed + ipod adapter ~ $300
pro - better, bigger(more lines of info) display, adapter charges ipod, more customizable
con - lose conveniece of front aux, adapter more expensive, overall more expensive

Anyone have experience with these receivers or also with the same dilemma care to share their opinion? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all!