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07-05-2007, 11:15 PM
OK, heres my delima. My first system was 3 12's in a prefab 3 chamber sealed box, one of the ones where the front slants a little, the chambers were kinda small on this. I loved the punchy response that the bass had, really made your vision blur ect ect. but for it to be 3 twelves it didnt hit the lows as well as I would have liked it. then I got 2 twelves in what I would say was a small (fit in a 95 grand am trunk real easy) vented box, and I loved the lows that thing belched out.
Now I have 1 audiobahn Immortal in a bigger vented box and its really punchy but the lower end distorts when I crank it up, sounds like butter at the lower volumes and with alot of songs at higher volumes but then there are some songs that when the volumes up and it hits the lows it sounds bad or you will feel the car shaking but theres very little audible noise, and no its not just extreme lows cause the 12's I had before would pound on the same songs and never sounded like this one does.

The box its in is really leaky, I put the foam seal ring that came with it on the box the other day and it made a world of diffrence so im wondering what it would be like with a complelty sealed (vented but sealed everywhere its supposed to be), I dont know if the box is tuned wrong and the subs unloading or what but it dosnt sound right in the lower end especially since it hits the higher notes so well, 30-70 hertz test tones are loud as fuc, for it to be one 12 at less than half power. I dont know the tuning of any of the boxes I had.

Anyway Im just bought 2 more subs that are consturcted like the immortal but take less power to run (Audiobahn AW1200V) and can be run in a sealed box (the immortal isnt recommended for sealed). I was wondering what would be a good vented tuning that would lean more toward the effect I had in my first system (tight punchy and more sq) but still fill the low end a little more or would a larger sealed box do the trick, it dosnt have to do it that much because Im going to end up with 4 12's so that should be a multiplying factor. Im figureing it this way, at 100 bucks each, instead of getting one and makeing it very loud at the expense of sq, why not get 4 and have it REALLY loud with alot more sq, plus my final vision would be a sweet setup to take to a show

Heres the specs for the box volume and link to the site
Sealed Box Volume 0.5 - 1.5 cubic feet
Ported Box Volume 1.3 - 3.3 cubic feet
Sensitivity 94.65 dB
Frequency Response 20 - 500 Hz
I wont have anymore specific specs until I get the manual with the subs but I will be sure to update

I wanna test out the first 2 and see if I like how they sound before I buy the other 2 and I want to build my first box on the first 2 and learn a thing or 2 before I start a project thats gonna take alot more wood.

07-06-2007, 12:03 AM
you got a 96 grand prix? there's not enough room for 4 12 ported.(properly) you are better off w/ less subs in a proper box than more subs in a box thats too small. in my prix i've got 2 10s in a 2ft ported @ 31, that will laugh at most 2 12 systems. as for the subs you bought i would try around 4.5 ft after displacement @ around 35hz...but good luck fitting a box that size in your trunk;)

ps if you wanna stay w/ audiobahn, i would stick w/ the immortal, and build a different box.

07-06-2007, 12:07 AM
personally i would probably stick w/ the immortal and build a different box...

07-06-2007, 01:04 AM
The Immortals good and all but properly powering that thing would cost me a fortune, and about the box, Im taking the spare tire out and using that to make up some extra space, raise the whole floor of the trunk a couple inches brace with some 2x4 blocks, mount the subs around the recessed part of the floor and have the port firing right into the hole where the armrest comes down. Im thinking of making the actual box a kinda circle like "bowl" but it raises back up where the subs are mountd (think speaker with bubble dustcap) then build the amps into the curve ontop the box and where the walls of the box are off to the side put some batts behind there and hide em away nice and tidy.

By the way, as far as this forum goes this idea is copy righted and I reserve the right to kick any partys *** for taking advantage of the fact that I dont have the skill or resources to do this right now =)

Anythings possible if you put your mind to it, the bad part is. I can see a perfect picture of almost every cut of wood or curve of glass I would need to do this but I cant draw for ****

07-06-2007, 01:33 AM
hey, its your car, do it how you wanna do it...i just seriously doubt your gonna get 5ft outta that...let alone 10ft when you add 2 more. my box for my last car was 7ft before displacement, and it took up the entire hatch(floor to ceiling) then my 15ft box, took the entire rear seat cloor 2 ceiling, and a little in the hatch. not saying it can't be done, just good luck. i think i know what your saying...if i was to do a box like that "false floor" if you will. i would mount the amps upside down on the bottom of the rear deck. i could never put subs on the floor though. i put too much junk in my trunk. he he 'junk in my trunk' he he
anyway "properly powering that thing would cost me a fortune" its all in the box ;)
it 90% install 10% equiptment. i bet if i had that immortal, i could get it WAY louder, w/ the same power you've got...how much power you got?

07-06-2007, 01:34 AM
you know how big the box is you got it in now?

07-06-2007, 04:24 PM

07-06-2007, 04:34 PM
^ First problem. Not sure of the box, how do you know its not the install thats not the problem rather than the sub or box? Jellyfish knows what he's saying - what he suggests would get you plenty loud and save you money. I really don't see the need for 4 12's anyways - might as well get one 18" and give it enough power.

07-06-2007, 04:50 PM
I just want 4 twelves, thats the need. Im waiting on my sis to pick me up and take me to lowes now so I can take my first crack at making a box and have it done by tonight, in by tommarow.

Oh how do you guys think this box would sound with the Immortal in it, I dunno if its gonna fit in the trunk but I cant find my tape measure right now but if it will this is what im looking at.

07-07-2007, 02:02 AM
ttt, no suggestions people, btw that box right there is gonna be a tough squeeze getting it in there

07-07-2007, 03:14 AM
Ok Audiobahn Immortal specs, I have no idea what this stuff means so can someone take a look at it and tell me which of these boxes (http://www.caraudio.com/forum/showthread.php?t=137804) will work best
keep in mind I CANT go any larger than these demsions
everyday - Cu. Ft. 2.3 , port size (2) 4x15", Port Vel. 11.81, -3dB (hz) 33.81, Tune Freq. 40hz,

SPL Cu F. 3.4, Port size (2) 4x10", port vel. 15.18, -3db 32.27, Tune Freq. 38hz

07-07-2007, 07:45 AM
1 15" Re Mt..... Ftw

07-07-2007, 12:12 PM
sure my paypal addy is [email protected] , Im taking all donations. Until then its the immortal Im rockin with

07-07-2007, 02:45 PM
go w/ this box.
trust me. a properly designed box is what your looking for. not 4 12's ;)