View Full Version : Crackly speaker. Cut the tinsel leads to the midrange?

07-03-2007, 01:22 AM
The other day I noticed that at my blaring volumes (I know I know, don't play it that loud...yada yada yada...) my rear left 6.5 infinity refference speaker started distorting badly. An hour later, I took the rear deck off and pushed on the cone and there I have it, it sounded scratchy and looked like the tinsel leads were all black and stuff. Now I have these comming from a 4 way amp that is 60 watts each channel at 4 ohms (my rears were rated at 4 ohms) and 90 watts at 2 ohms, and doesn't work down to 1 ohm. So I was wondering what causes the scratchy sound from the cone when the speaker blows. My guess is that it's the voice coil, but is it caused from Under or Over powering them. I don't think I clipped them a whole lot, if at all, (their power handling is rated at 60 watts) and my gain was around half way, maybe less for the rears. So I believe I was giving them full power at my maximum volume that I play at (HU goes to 35, but I tuned the system to 20 for safe measures), so my max volume is 20 on the HU. So, I need to know what caused that so I can prevent that with my next speaker pair.

As of now, I thought of a temporary remedy. I'll just cut the tinsel leads going down the cone since the cone's shot anyway, and since they are coaxials, I'll just use the tweater. Now, for my second question, if I cut off the 6.5" cone from recieving power, will the OHM of the speaker that the amp sees change. I don't want to drop the ohms down to below 2 as that will cause headaches with the amp. Would the tweater have the same ohm as the larger cone? or would it be some insane number like .5 ohm since the tweater is smaller and in a coaxial setup, takes less power to operate, thus less load?

Aside from that, I'm open to suggestions about how to keep the speaker from blowing. And NO not playing it at loud volumes is not a suggestion, so please none of that "play it quieter and you won't have that problem..." posts. I have aftermarket speakers and an amp, and I'm gonna ****-well use them! lol.