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07-01-2007, 11:58 PM
up forsale is a 98 ski-doo mach z. has a 01 motor and suspension, sled does just over 190hp with current trail set up. with the race head that i have and race gas does like 202hp. sled is fast plain and simple, yet is a great trail sled. never had any issues with it in the 3 years i have had it. motor has 600 miles on complete rebuild. now on to the good stuff. here is a list of the stuff done to it.

v-force 3 reeds
extra thick base gasket to raise port timing
bored carbs bored to 39mm
pods on carbs
black ice helix ( best helix for this sled )
bored to a 889cc
case ported
new stator
jaws piped ( also best for this sled )

the sled has new dooly carbides on ski's. there is no rips or tears in the seat, no cracks in the hood. has newer track with 196 studs this sled hooks up great on a nice packed trail for all its power. sled has only normal wear and tear. will entertain trades for a camaro or fullsize truck. asking 2500 for the sled. the motor pipes and clutches alone are worth 1500 to 2000. just don't have time to part it out pus the sled is so nice there is no point in taking it apart. value of sled will go up to 3000 plus buy september.


07-02-2007, 11:01 AM