View Full Version : Tweeter (and possibly midrange) location

07-01-2007, 09:02 PM
I am going to be upgrading my front stage in the next week in my 07 Tundra, probably to Rainbow SLC 265's.

I am thinking of three mounting locations:
1) In the stock dash location where a 3" speaker is.
2) In the triangle panel that covers the side mirror mount.
3) Or a couple inches above the midbass, surface mounted on the door.

I think location 3 will be best in regards to midbass spacing, but will require me to drill in the door. Location 2 would allow me a modify a small trim piece that would be easy replace in the future if I need. Location 1 would provide an entirely stealth location.

I might possibly even go with a 3-way set-up with the midrange in the dash and tweeter by the mirror, but I am not sure how this would sound.

I have an Eclipse CD5000 HU that has a smplified Time Correction and also provides two settings for the tweeters (dash or door) so some adjustments can be made.

What location do you guys think is best?