View Full Version : Midbass's playing midrange

07-01-2007, 03:58 PM
I finally got to actually tuning my system today and I have come across a few things.

First, my system has some **** poor midrange. Its fine at low volume but goes strait down hill when you get moderatly loud. I have a 7 band eq and basically I start off by setting everything the lowest it goes. I can start by boosting the farthest right band(all tweet) and the farthest left(125 hz and down) crank it up and they are crystal clear and brilliant. But the instant I try to ad any of those middle ones the sound becomes muddy and harsh. I think the 350hz or so band can also be boosted and sound quite good though but pretty much any vocals are awful which move me to my main interest here.
It seems whenever anyone here ask for speaker advice people always recommend components, but even with the best of the best are midbasses able to play as well as a midbass plus midrange combo? Of course 2 speakers are easier to install than 3 so I understand that reasoning.
Overall, after tuning, my system sounds great IMO but thats with every one of the midrange frequencies eq'd as low as possible so im definatly missing some of the music. Of course I understand this could be the fault of any of my equipment but im interested if it is mostly the result of trying to play midrange through a midbass.

07-01-2007, 08:29 PM
Make sure the midrange enclosure is sealed properly. You don't want air leaks

Secondly, don't set the EQ as low as it can go. Leave all the settings at zero, get an SPL meter and check volume at certain intervals. Record your results and EQ appropriately.