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06-28-2007, 08:54 PM
1.) I recently just built a ported 2.2cube box tuned to 32hz that i was going to put in my car but go ticketd for speeding and my dad took me off his insurance so now i can't afford to drive it. Anyways should i leave it ported or seal up the front and have it 2.2 sealed?

2.) Now i need to know what sub(s) i should get for home audio use/movies/games/etc. I'm deciding on 1 12 ported, 2 10s ported or sealed, or 2 12s ported. I don't want to spend to much for these subs so i was thinking maybe some mach 5 maws or AA? I need some more choices.

3.) What kind of plate amps should i look into and how many watts would get my room shaking? (links please) I dont have a budget right now beacuse this is just an idea and don't know if im going through with this if it's to expensive.
Pic of my room:

4.) When i get this plate amp can i hook it up to my computer? or do i have to buy a reciever and just be able play cds? I already have computer speakers with a sub im thinking i can use for mid bass if my sub setup hits the lows.
Heres the behind of the sub that came with my computer speakers:

06-29-2007, 06:47 PM
Might have looked over it, but do you have a budget?

300 watt plate amp on a sealed 12" would rock that little room.

What are you goign to be driving the plate amp with? Computer? Reciever?

Honestly, I wouldn't drop too much cash-o-la on just a computer subwoofer system because it will EASILY out drive most computer speakers of just about any type.

The MAW or the AA would work just fine for what you are trying to do...