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06-28-2007, 11:24 AM
PRICE: 250 + shipping (shouldn't be over ~$10)


* Jetway J7F3 series motherboard with following specs
- Support AMD Geode NX processor in Socket 462 packaging of FSB 133MHz
- Support AMD Geode™ NX 1250 / 1500 / 1750 Series and Low Voltage Edition Included
- SiS 741CX North Bridge Chipset + SiS 964 South Bridge Chipset
- 1 * 184-pin DIMM Sockets for unbuffered DDR 333 / 266 SDRAM up to 1 GB
- 1 * 32-bit PCI Slot / 1 * 2xAD Connector With Expansion Daughter Boards
- Embedded SiS 964 South Bridge Chipset Supports 2 Serial ATA HDDs with RAID 0, 1 Function
- Realtek RT8201CL 10 / 100 PCI LAN PHY
- 2 * Ultra DMA 133 / 100 / 66 IDE Devices Support
- Embedded 8 * High Speed USB @ 480 Mbit / s
Has the AMD Geode NX 1750

More info on the proc/motherboard here:

I chose the Geode because of it's low power consumption (14w) and it's superiority to VIA processors.

* 512MB PC2100 DDR RAM

* 80GB 2.5" Hitachi hard drive

*Opus 120 power supply

I have all cables needed for the power supply (one molex connector has been cut off to hook a monitor up to) and I will supply a 3.5" to 2.5" IDE cable for the hard drive. I also have the motherboard manual (but no original box) and the I/O backplate. Everything is in perfect working order, I just don't have a use for this stuff anymore.

I have numerous references with lots of high dollar trades:

Please feel free to verify any or all of my references.

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how is this powered and how is the video signal sent to a monitor? some tips

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ooga booga

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how is this powered and how is the video signal sent to a monitor? some tips

The power supply has a wiring harness that plugs into it. The other end connections to your +12v, Ground, and remote wires to give it power and tell it when to turn on/off. Then, there is the standard 20-pin ATX connector which connects from the power supply to the motherboard. There are also molex connections which power peripheral devices such as hard drives, optical drives (CD/DVD), etc.

The video signal is sent through a VGA cable to the touchscreen monitor. Depending on what type of monitor you have, the actual touchscreen will interface using USB or a serial connection to the computer in addition to the VGA cable.

All wires needed to install the computer will be included as well.

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Trades? Let me know

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so wut would be need to make this complete?

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yeah im interested if I knew how to hook it all up