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06-25-2007, 01:38 AM

Circular Saw: An inexpensive skill saw works well
-Circular Saw Blade: get a Carbide Tipped Blade with a 15 Hook Angle

Router: Plunge base (Plunge router) would be best because it can be adjusted (depth wise), but if not fitting the budget, get regular router with 1/4" bit is fine.
-Router Bit: Carbide Straight bit or a Carbide Spiral Upcut bit.

Tape Measure: Any will do.

Clamps: Can't have too many clamps, you'll want atleast (2) C clamps, great for holding your work down and keeping it from moving. (and the straight edge) (5) Cheap spring loaded clamps, (2 or more) Large 2'+ Clamps, and (2) Corner Clamps.

Straight edge: I have used MDF, levels, just about anything that is perfectly straight and can be clamped down to your work tightly so that you can run your circular saw along it and achive a very precise cut.

Drill: A Battery operated or cord drill is a must when using screws, dont use nails, it's cheap. Most people have a drill already anyway.
-Drill bits: Use a drill bit just under the thickness of the screw you're using, if you drill the hole too large the screw will strip the wood.
-Screws: I've used drywall screws, but you can use wood screws if you countersink the wood first. As for length, double the thickness of the wood you're using, or just under double.

-3/4" MDF, sheet or pre-cut pieces.
-Wood glue, I am trying out tightbond, but I've used elmers, didn't seem bad.
-Pencil, =p
-Screws (read above)
-Caulk, if you **** at cutting, to seal the box. (dont forget a caulk gun)
If you want to paint or carpet your box, there are other threads out there that have the information you're looking for, use the search button ;)

How to get started on cutting the wood:
Using a Sawhorse, or anything you can work on that the blade can cut through the wood without being damaged, setup your sheet, so that when you cut the wood, it does not pinch the blade. I.E. Don't cut in the middle of the wood where the cut is in between the saw horses and the wood will colapse down as you gradually cut the wood.

As you measure the wood, you need to align the saw blade on the outside of your cut, the blade can cut away 1/16+"s of wood that will cause gaps when you put the box together. When I measure, I factor in the distance from the blade to the outside of the saw, I line up my straight edge so that I can run a straight line easily with the saw, (It is used as a guide for the saw). After measuring and aligning, I notch the wood with the saw where it lines up, I then measure the would be cut to confirm it's the right size, if so, I finish the cut.

You only need to use a few screws when putting the box together, the wood glue is what bonds the box together and seals it. The screws hold the box together long enough for the glue to cure. When putting the box together this is where the clamps come in, when doing corners, us the corner clamp to line up the two cuts, apply glue, and clamp or screw the wood at the corner, allow it to cure then remove the corner clamps. The corner clamp will make sure the wood will bond at a 90 angle, it's very nice. If you have gaps, use some caulk to fill them in, allow to caulk to cure before place your sub in the box as the caulk may produce fumes that may damaged the sub.

If you got anymore questions feel free to ask on the forum, try searching first though.

Good luck with your box. :fro: