View Full Version : FS: PSP with 4 games

06-24-2007, 04:11 PM
Up for sale is my PSP. To get straight to the point, I simply don't use it and would like to get some of my money back. I spent 250 when it just came out, plus the cost of games, just for a little perspective. it has ONE defect, a one inch crack on the top left corner that I was PISSED about lol....It didnt hit the actual LCD, when you have it on it doesnt bother you that much believe it or not.

For now im asking 250 shipped but slightly negotiable because of the crack. Works flawlessly otherwise. If it gets too low I just wont sell. Only trades would be for a HU with three way active capablilities and Ipod compatible, or an 80gig ipod plus some cash from me if need be....and now for pics.


Yes it turns on! Notice you can barely make out the crack, doesnt look bad at all when on..you get used to it :)


Whole thing


Soft case and charger


Clearly see the crack


Box and remote/headphones


Games and spiderman


Two more games

So im missing two things, the manual and the memory card. If I happen to find one or both of these things before or after the sell i will ship it to the seller free of charge. References in sig, etc etc.

Thanks guys!