View Full Version : I need teh midbass.

06-20-2007, 07:42 PM
Okay, so I finally got around to replacing the rear speakers in my beater '87 Celica. The replacements were 4" Lightning audio 2-way speakers. Very low budget on those. They cost me $26. w00t. They're very nice for the price. Crystal clear highs as well.

But thats not the point. Now that I have all four speakers working, I need some midbass. I have none. NONE. Im going to put them in the rear deck, by having the install bay where I work to build me a riser or something so that I can mount some 8" or 6.5" drivers of some sort for dedicated midbass. Kick panels in the front ARE NOT an option.

What are some 'economical' drivers I could use for this application?

I'm thinking a pair of these, on a pair of 2-way crossovers @about 400hz?

My pioneer's hpf is set at 80hz, so the 12 I have can take on the subsonic doodies... I mean duties.