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06-20-2007, 07:16 PM
I just thought I would make this thread to show what you should get and what's out their. Most people have Viper/DEI alarms so I'll show what you can get. Any other people are welcome to chime in, I believe if we can get enough on here it should be stickied so people who get aftermarket or modded factory alarms will know HOW to protect their gear. Nothing worse then coming back to your car and realizing everything was taken. It *****, trust me.

DEI Add-Ons

Backup Battery
The first add-on I believe any alarm should have is a Backup Battery (http://www.aboutsecurityconcepts.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=520T). They will keep your alarm going if your main battery is disconnected, so that it will draw more attention. The worst thing you need is an alarm that can be disabled with one cut of a wire. You can find them for about 40 Shipped on ebay, and they will go for about 16 hours if the battery is disconnected. It can power all the sirens, and will basically act as another battery for your alarm.

Additional Sirens

The next thing you want is Additional Sirens (http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_5367_Directed+513T.html). They can make your alarm louder, and attract more attention. I've heard stories of people going absolutely gung-ho and their amount of alarms, some people going up to 20. I myself have 2, and am going to be adding another 2 soon. Smart places to put them would be near the brain of the alarm and near the back up battery, should a thief find them, you want it to be painful for them to turn them off. Also, Put them near your subwoofers or amps, so that it is also painful for them to take them out. Use security screws to slow the removal process so they have to listen longer. Any piezo siren will work, they all just have a negative and positive wire. I have seen them as low as 7 Shipped on ebay for the authentic DEI 513T siren, but you can probably find cheaper non-DEI sirens too. They all work pretty much just as effective. Also, remember to use a relay if you have more then 3-4 sirens and you want to add more.

Glass Breaking Sensor

A glass breaking sensor (http://www.radiomancaraudio.com/detail.asp?PRODUCT_ID=DE506T) will detect the sound that glass makes as it is shattered and trigger the alarm Some professionals and expert thieves can break glass without causing too much of a shock, making it easy for them to get inside and and kill the brain without the alarm going off. A glass break sensor runs about 20 shipped on ebay, and can be a worthwhile investment if your brain is placed in a easier to reach spot.

Tilt Sensor

The tilt sensor (http://www.chumbo.com/Info.aspx?id=348111) detects if your car is being tilted up by a jack and sets of your alarm. Some theives try to steal your precious and valuable wheels and tires, so this is a smart choice. If you have wheels and tires that cost a lot, you should most definitely get this add-on, as well as 1 or 2 locking lug nut sets. They run at about 35 shipped, which is so far the most expensive add-on, however, protecting your wheels (which can run quite a bit more then 35 dollars :)) is essential. If your wheels are gone, you'll need a tow and a ride, so protecting them is a MUST.

06-20-2007, 07:20 PM
Dual Zone Sensor

the Dual Zone Sensor (http://www.radiomancaraudio.com/detail.asp?PRODUCT_ID=DE508D) is quite a tricky add-on. It picks up people that walk around your car, and chirps if they get close. If they enter your car, then the alarm will set off automatically. They run about 40 shipped off ebay, and can be a great add-on if you have a convertible or jeep that has a soft top and can just be cut open.

Closed Loop Sensor

Closed Loop Sensors (http://www.directedstore.com/cgi-bin/commerce.exe?preadd=action&key=502T&reference=/cgi-bin/commerce.exe%3Fsearch%3Daction%26keywords%3Dall%26 searchstart%3D0%26template%3DPDGCommTemplates\Full Nav\SearchResult.asp%26category%3DA_SE)
Pick up when a circuit has been broken. This can protect additional lights on your car (underglow) or add-on offroading, strobe, or fog lights. If the connection to them is broken (a wire is cut), then the alarm will go off. I had some trouble finding this one, because it isn't very popular on ebay, but it seems to run about 20 shipped off the DEI website. Useful if you have lots of additional electrical add-ons that you want to protect.

Vertical Motion Sensors

Vertical Motion Sensors (http://www.directedstore.com/cgi-bin/commerce.exe?preadd=action&key=500T&reference=/cgi-bin/commerce.exe%3Fsearch%3Daction%26keywords%3Dall%26 searchstart%3D0%26template%3DPDGCommTemplates\Full Nav\SearchResult.asp%26category%3DA_SE) detect vertical motions, such as jacking up a car, and sets off the alarm. Why would you need this though if the car has a tilt sensor? What happens if they jack up both sides of the car slowly? The shock and tilt sensors will not go off because the car isn't being tilted, it is being raised. The motion sensor will pick that up and set off the alarm. They run about 10 dollars from the DEI website and can be used in conjunction with a tilt sensor for maximum wheel/tire protection.

Thats all i found off DEI's own website, but their are other add-ons like Remote Start and Door and Window add-ons, however they don't protect your stuff, they just enhance the capabilities of the alarm for more convienant things.

Kenny Pollock
06-20-2007, 07:23 PM
That tilt sensor works with the 791?

Also, isn't there an inside motion sensor, like... if I left the windows down and someone reached in? I'm getting my alarm reinstalled by kprs on these forums next weekend... I have the battery backup, window rollup module and glass break sensor already. Along with a channel expander.

06-20-2007, 07:35 PM
the dual zone sensor will detect if someone reaches into your car. I'm not sure if the tilt sensors work for all DEI alarms because I am not an installer, however they are both made by DEI, and I'm sure they should have compatibility between their own stuff.

Kenny Pollock
06-20-2007, 07:51 PM
I'm pretty sure it does... any clue how it works?

It detects motion, correct? I have an airbagged truck, so it's not the same height all the time... but I doubt it works the way I'm afraid it will.

06-20-2007, 08:17 PM
the tilt sensor should work. What happens is that it has a little meter in it that detects what degree your car is tilted (think math, trigonometry) and then if it is moved from the degree by a certain ammount, then it will trigger the alarm. Having your ride lowered low or up high should not change the fact that someone has to jack your car up to get your wheels off. Unless they are ruthless.