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06-20-2007, 03:27 PM
ok heres the deal...im gonna order my 2 mj-18s whenever, its not on the top of my list right now, as i dont have a reciever yet, or crossover for the sub amp, etc...but i need the box built so when i get the subs, ill just drop them in.

however, ive got some idea's, and id like your input on them. ive been told to do about 4.5 cubes per mj-18, tuned to 30hz. so im just gonna make a 9cu ft box tuned to 30hz (unless you guys suggest something different) and what i want to do, since space is limited, i want this to be the bottom of my desk. meaning the subs will be down firing (possibly the port too, if not, i dont care if the port is showing) and on top, what im gonna do is build a shelf to make it look like a desk, and then stain it all (gonna use Birch) to match the other furniture.

the top of the box wont be the actual top of the desk where i set things though. id raise the box's height by building a "false floor" type thing and attaching that to the top of the box, and do a ton of bracing in between that and the box.

i dont know if this would work, or if i can somehow build the 9cu ft box as one, but have a notch in it for my feet. or two 4.5 cu ft boxes, one on each side (as in the pic) then a piece or birch on top for the desk top piece(after major bracing, etc), then from there, ill build the shelf.


what do you guys think? this is for my new room, and instead of my dad getting me a desk, i figure i could possibly combine the box + desk as one, and no one would even know its a sub box ;)

also, how would this sound like if im sitting at the desk, (the subs being under me)

has anyone ever done this before?

ps- sub box is for music, not HT or movies.

06-20-2007, 06:23 PM
I like the idea of using furniture as speaker enclosures (got a couch subwoofer project in the works :p).
Id stuff the boxes, cuz you want to minimize the rattling of the desk itself. Not sure how it will be with birch tho, as it isnt nearly as dense as mdf