View Full Version : 2000 cadillac escalade having problems

06-20-2007, 07:47 AM
In a period of 6 months my wife suv won't start about 6 times. I hear the fuel pump. Hear the starter. Hasn't wanted to start all day. We found out it was siting for 2 years when she bought it. Dunno if they removed gas out before doing it. Fuel filter changed, starter and fuel pump relays changed and Gas cap. Theres no check engine light on. We have took it to the dealer 3 times. All 3 times they've told us theres nothing wrong with the vechile. Any answers what you think might be up. I'm thinking maybe fuel pumps going bad. or fuel injector's getting stuck. i dunno. Thx

06-20-2007, 08:20 AM
Fuel pumps completely stop working. They don't stop and start back. When it goes out you will know it, and more than likely it will be when you fill up. Check the fuel pressure regulator. I believe it should be in the same location as on my truck. If standing in front of the vehicle it will be to your right just above the valve covers and closer to the back of the engine. It should look something like this:

There is a rubber hose that is going into it. Pull that rubber hose off and if any gas drips out you need to replace it because it has gone bad. I'm not saying that is your problem but if you ever get a rough idle and have to press the gas to get it to start this may be your problem.

Also, explain a little more in detail exactly what it is doing. A through cleaning on the throttle body might not hurt either. You can get some throttle body cleaner and take the air intake tube off and spray inside really good and start it up. Let it run for a few minutes and then do it again.