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06-18-2007, 08:55 PM
To sum it up, my hardware got "jacked" but not without some satisfaction. The hardware will most likely prove inoperable. :naughty: Electrical engineering isn't always boring.

I'm looking to replace my Infinity 1230W, Phoenix Gold Amp, and deck now. Pioneer decks haven't let me down so far, so I'll probably stick with that. I want to try something new for subwoofers this time around. It will be going in a custom box for a pair of 12" or 15" sub inside a Ford Ranger Extra Cab.

Any opinions on Pioneer, Phoenix Gold, Sony, Fosgate, Kicker, Kenwood, Alpine, or Cerwin Vega? If the money is right, I may buy an extra sub and amp for my car. Teach me o' Audio Jedi.

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