View Full Version : TREX SHOW WAS A GOOD TURN OUT 56K users step ya game up

06-16-2007, 09:40 PM
another trex show turned out really well
bass race was interesting alot of folks overshot..including me
but all in all it was fun..bob and roony showed up with the trooper at the end...thats going to be one mean setup..wat ever subs are going in there will catch hell from the power he plan on putting to them...but anyway on to the pix
all the names listed below are folks on termpro
heres splcreator setup he was doing 144 all day long good job and nice box as well

heres mike from team reanots
he took one amp out and added some batts and gained a couople of db's last time i seen he did a 151.3 the stuff u see on the batts is subways food..the mayo help with the deeebeez..lol
heres kieth with his setup he went from mojo to t3 subs and changed his batts he's doing well he was doing 153's all day

heres tj setup ..he must have some kind spl juice or something cuz everytime he go's to the mic he does atleat a 151 and change no matter wat setup.

heres t3audio160dbjeep setup i really like this setup loudest 4 12 setup i heard..and it looks ****...carbon fiber cones is pure sexiness
he was burping 153.8 all day long

heres manny setup..im impressed by his trex audio subs...he did a 150.7 with 2 12's and 2 powerbass 3k amps...sweet job

heres 97cavy setup...he was loud as heck as well
5 nsb125's ftw!!!!!! not sure how much he was hitting i know he was in the 139.9 bass race class and i believe he won

more to come

06-16-2007, 09:42 PM
another team reanots member setup he improved his score from the last show...he' pulled a 150.5
heres jareds pix
those t3 subs was showing there asses for real
he won the 149.9 bass race class good job running everything off stock alt..i wish i had my digital cam to catch the hair trick he did at the end
i wish i caught the pic of rooney inside this working on it...i bet bob was driving and rooney was in the trooper working inside of it ..lol
hmmm these wont be here 4 long...i believe 8 700.1 will take its place ;) 38 2400batts ftw!!!!!
heres another shot of the batt
heres a busted up lotus i say on a flatbed as i was driving on I95... yes i was driving and taking pics...lmao


06-16-2007, 09:55 PM
w00t, tow trucks FTW.

nice pics. looks like fun was had.