View Full Version : 2 Thomas 337 compressors, check valves, and relays - $175 shipped

06-15-2007, 07:15 PM
I got 2 thomas 337 comps for sale. they go for about 165 shipped each on ebay.

I am at work and no longer have the internet at home, so i got no pix for ya yet. :crap:

These things are used, don't get me wrong, but they look purdy good because they have been under my toneau cover. Before I got them, the guy used them for about 6 months under his toneau cover also. Then I used them for about 3 months. They are the most dependable comps out there IMO. My buddy used to have the same model comps in his truck, they were covered in ice and still pumped air like it was nothing.

I paid 40 shipped for the ******* check valves and was given the relays, I will throw them in too.

Yep, I have no internet at my new house, (still worth it moving out of parents house) so thats why I haven't been on the site too much lately. Don't you hate it when LIFE happens.

I will be on here tomorrow with some pix, but if you got any questions, LMK.