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06-15-2007, 03:30 PM

that crap face is pretty funny.

What's up guys. I'm from the Pittsburgh, PA area and am currently building my first car stereo. I am putting it in a 2001 honda civic LX that I got at then end of april/beginning of may 2007.

I have just ordered a pioneer deh6900 HU and am probably going to be getting JBL power 650c comp's and P953 6x9's. I am planning to power them with a JBL GTO75.4 II amp, unless I get a used PX300.4 somehow. I'm not totally sure about my stock speaker depth's so am probably going to be using some MDF to get sizes right, i just hope I have enough clearance with the stock speaker grills.

I go to the University of pittsburgh and am about to enter my junior year. I play paintball with my school ( free gear! ) and snowboard with them too. I recently started playing hockey. Anyways this forum seems to have a lot of good resources so it's nice to be part of it. Thanks


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you forgot to say hi?


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nice sig man

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hello to you

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